Episode 005: Risk Free Foods

In this Episode, we take a look into Dr. Joe Christiano’s book:

“Blood Types, Body Types And You”, to find out about

“Risk Free Foods”



  • We discuss why Risk Free Foods are important
  • What are some Risk Free Foods
  • Where to get a list of Risk Free Foods
  • Plus: where to go if You have a Health & Fitness question


Stay Fit!



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  1. Team Furr
    6 years ago

    Great Job! We can’t wait to eat the foods according to our blood type. Every Episode is so interesting that it makes you want to go to the next one. Keep up the good work of keeping us informed!

    Team Furr

  2. Nutrilite
    6 years ago

    Ed, This may be a good fit for your clients by actually taking the results to a genetic level. It is $150 but well worth it. I learned that I am a carb reducer but specifically simple sugars and not complex sugars effect me negatively. My body actually processes fats easily and it doesn’t contribute to my weight gain significantly enough to avoid it. Not saying that is doesn’t have a negative effect on my health but as far as weight gain. Great info and it can only help with people and their goals.